Argentinian wines in Cagliari


The Argentinian wines in Cagliari are an excellence of the menu offered by the restaurant “El SaborArgentino”. A particular attention goes toward the wine selection, both white and reds, that completes the gastronomic profile of Argentinian cuisine. The wine, whether it is red or white, is the ideal match with all the meat dishes or other specialties. Argentina is one of the most important countries for what concerns the wine production in South America, other than being a reality in constant expansion, that has become famous for its robust, intense and aromatic red wines, a perfect match for the tasty grilled meat dishes.
The vine cultivation in Argentina owes its success to the Spanish people, who first posed the basis for the vine cultivation, that would eventually become a true local tradition. The region which cultivate vines the most are located in the western part of the country. The most important vine is Malbec, beside the international ones (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot). While, the most famous white vines are the Torrontes, the Chardonnay and the Moscato, all of them having an excellent quality.
The most important region for what concerns the vine cultivation is Mendoza, which is divided in three areas: North Mendoza, South Mendoza (where the Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon stand out among the red wines, and the Chardonnay and Semillon for the whites) and East Mendoza. To taste an Argentinian dinner by matching Argentinian wines in Cagliari is possible, due to the offer of the wide selection of the restaurant. Whoever desires to match the wine to the plates, can choose among products of the best quality.


Vinos Argenitons Tinto/ Red Argentinian Wine
San Felipe (Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon) € 15.00
Santa Julia € 15.00
Postales Del Fin Del Mundo (Malbec) € 15.00
Telteca (Malbec/ Sauvignon) € 15.00
Marraso (Malbec) € 18.00
Trumpeter€ 18.00
TrumpeterReserve € 25.00
Santa Julia Reserve€ 25.00
Felipe Rutini (Malbec) € 25.00
Navarro Correas “Collection Privada/Private Collection” (Malbec) € 25.00
Navarro Correas “ColleccionPrivada/Private collection” (Carbenet Sauvignon) € 25.00
Navarro Correas “Alegoria Gran Reserva” (Malbec) € 50.00
Vinos Argentinos Blanco / White Argentinian Wines
San Felipe € 15.00
Don Carlos € 15.00