Angus Argentino in Cagliari

The best meat’s cuts

The Argentinian Meat is the undoubted protagonist of the typical South American cuisine, of which fully expresses the gastronomic excellence. The meat dishes, skillfully cooked with Argentinian Angus in Cagliari are available to taste at the restaurant “El SaborArgentino”.

Being soft and tasty, this famous specialty is cooked on the grill with a high flame, following the tradition, is the main course of the gastronomic offer of the restaurant, which is very welcoming and suggestive.

The meat dishes that you will be able to taste in the steaks restaurant in Cagliari are exceptional, thanks to the quality of the bovine from the best races, such as the angus: this particular race has been introduced in ancient times in the vast and fertile Argentinian Pampas flats. In these places, the pasture and the alimentation are rich in nutrients, and they make a famous and high quality food out of the meat, which is appreciated worldwide.
Argentina breeds animals from the best bovine races: the angus, for instance, divides into the black and red type, according to the color of the animal’s hair. The restaurant “El SaborArgentino” cooks meat’s cuts which are imported directly from these far-away places where the breeding is a true religion.
In the menu the rich meat “parillada”, the mixed grills of angus fillet, sirloin and entrecote, strictly Argentinian, are served on the embers still hot. And for those who desire it, they can be accompanied by the flavored papas al horno (potatoes cooked in the oven).

The attention towards the raw materials is the principal element that distinguish the gastronomy of a typical restaurant from the rest; the meat is the main proof, as a result of a selection process of the best breeds, that grant the provenience and the excellent taste.

The Argentinian Angus in Cagliarii s the leading product offered in the meat menu by “El SaborArgentino”, respecting the tradition. The selection of the meat dishes is wide: El Bife de Chorizo, Corazon de Lomo, Entrana and much more dishes cooked following the tradition, from the heat to the embers, to emanate a unique flavor.

The Argentinian Meat kinds

  • Argentinian angus entrecote
  • Argentinian angus sirloin
  • Argentinian angus fillet
  • Argentinian angus heart

All the cuts offered are imported directly from Argentina and vacuum-sealed, following the sanitary UE normative.