Typical argentinian dishes in Cagliari 

Menu “El Sabor Argentino”

The traditional Argentinian dishes in Cagliari are a specialty of the restaurant “El Sabor Argentino”, a steaks restaurant that the meat lovers appreciate for the quality of food and the variety of the dishes offered to the clients. From the entrees, to the mixed grills, the sidings and the desserts: the menu is rich in traditional cuisine proposals, representative of the gastronomic Argentinian culture.
The heart of the Argentinian cuisine is the meat, and right the mixed grill is the main course of the menu. The Argentinian cuts are mixed with other kinds of meat excellently and skillfully cooked on the spit, all of them are to taste with very good red wine, merged into a soft and convivial atmosphere.
Among the entrees, the major traditional dish are the Empanadas, a popular recipe that can interpreted in many different ways. The classics are the ones filled with beef meat. The menu of the traditional Argentinian dishes in Cagliari is the starting to get in touch with the gastronomic Argentinian culture, by fully knowing its rituals, such as the famous drink “El Mate” or the exquisite “Dulce de Leche”, the most typical Argentinian dessert made with milk, sugar and vanilla essence.

Menu “El Sabor Argentino”

Entradas / Entrees

Chorizo criollo
Argentinian salame € 2.00

Empanadas criollas

Meat dumplings  € 2.00


Grilled provolone with oregano €5.00

Provoleta el sabor

Grilled provolone with oregano pepper bacon and egg to the plate €7.00


Bundle of very typical spiced meat of northern argentina € 5.00

Parrilla / Grigliata
Asado de costillar
Gr 500 of calf ribs € 10.00


Calf Girth € 10.00

½ Vacio € 8.00

Bife de chorizo
Gr 300 the entrecote argentine angus grade € 18.00 


Argentinean angus sirloin € 18.00
Tapa de cuadril

Rump cover of Argentinean angus grade €16.00
Ojo de bife
Gr 400 the cube roll/entrecote argentine angus grade € 18.00 

Great argentinean bife gr 600 € 24.00
Gr 300 fillet of angus argentine first choice €24.00

Corazòn de Lomo
Gr 400 heart of fillet of angus argentine first choice €35.00 

Lomo para dos personas
Gr 600 fillet of angus argentine first choice for two people € 46.00

Parrillas / Mixed grill

Parrillada Gaucha para dos personas

Mixed grill of sausage, ribs and calf girth for two people € 38.00
Parrillada Tanguera para dos personas

Mixed grilled veal ribs, tenderloin and sirloin of angus for two people € 42.00
Parrillada EL SABOR para dos personas

Grilled tenderloin mixed, sirloin or entrecote argentine angus for two people € 50.00
Parrillada Patagonia para dos personas

Mixed grilled rump, sirloin or entrecote Argentine angus for two persons € 50.00
N.B. all weights are per raw and with a difference of + 10%

Ensaladas / Salads


Salad of lettuce and tomato € 3.00


Tomato salad, sweet Sardinian and basil € 5.00


Arugula salad, black olives, tomato and parmesan cheese € 5.00

Guarniciones / Side dishes

Papas al horno

Baked potatoes € 3.00

Papas fritas

French fries* € 3.00
Papas fritas a caballo

French fries covered with fried egg € 4.00

Verduras a la parrilla

Mixed grilled vegetables € 4.00

Verduras gratinadas 

Vegetable gratin with melted cheese € 6.00 * frozen product

Bebidas / Drinks

Quilmes Beer (Argentina) € 3.00
Estrella Damm (Spain) € 3.00
Peroni/Estrella Damm (Tap) € 2.00
Peroni/Estrella Damm (Tap) € 4.00
Peroni 1,5 lt (Tap) € 10.00
Otros – Water € 2.00
Coke/Sprite/Fanta € 2.00
Bitters € 2.00
Barricate Old Grappa € 3.00
Licor Yerba Mate € 3.00
Licor Argentino (Cana LEGUI) € 3.00
Coffee € 1.00

Postres / Desserts

Panqueques con dulce de leche

Crepe with sweet typical argentine milk € 4.00

Flan con dulce de leche

Creme caramel with sweet typical argentine milk € 4.00

Don Pedro

Vanilla ice cream with whiskey € 5.00

Don Alejandro

Vanilla ice cream with Baileys € 6.00

Helado Granisado

Milk sweet ice cream with chocolate chips € 4.00

Helado de vainilla/limòn

Vanilla and lemon ice cream € 4.00
*Cover seat € 2.00

To get further information about our menus or to make a reservation and taste the traditional Argentinian dishes in Cagliari that we offer at the restaurant “El SaborArgentino”, you can send an e-mail to ramcass@hotmail.com, to fill in the contact form or to call the number +39 070652600.