Las empanadas argentinas in Cagliari


The traditional Argentinian cusine has another strong point, the empanadas. Las empanadas argentinas in Cagliari, can be found in our restaurant, cooked following the tradition. 

A typical Argentinian dish, this entrée offered on the menu of the restaurant, is ideal for those who love the traditional South American cuisine. Following the tradition, the empanadas were prepared by women to celebrate the return of their husbands from the pampas, and served during the popular celebration called “criollas” together with another typical dish, the delicious and tasty grilled meat of the “asado”.

The “gauchos” (herdsman from the South American pampas), used to stay away for long periods of times and to spend many months in the vast and fertile Argentinian flats, where they had the job to look for the herds. Their return, after long waiting, was welcomed with extreme enthusiasm by the women and wives who, for the occasion, organized meetings and celebrations. The feast involved the wearing of traditional costumes worn by the women during the celebrations and the dances that lasted all night. The malambo and the gato was two of the traditional dances. The empanadas, cooked with tasty and rich in nutrients ingredients, were considered an ideal food to give energy to the “gauchos”, who, once they were filled, could actually face the dances with a renewed spirit.

The empanadas were similar to dumplings, prepared with paste, with half-moon shape, and with a spiced and tasty filling. Usually the filling was made with beef meat, but the preparation can be diverse according to the local gastronomic culture and to the forecasted recipe. In some cultures, the preparation of the filling can even include the use of fish, such as tuna or shrimps, replacing the meat.

Las empanadas argentinas in Cagliari are a true specialty in our menu, and they are to be tasted during the wait for the grilled meat.