El tango argentino in Cagliari


El tango argentino in Cagliari, during the night spent at the table of the restaurant “El SaborArgentino”, is the best symbol of the South American popular culture, a true form of art. The tango is a dance with a syncopated but melancholic rhythm, capable to steal you and bring you to far-away and exotic lands, where the popular culture enriches with strong traditions that spread trhroughout all the world.
A suggestive night, with traditional Argentinian dishes and tango music, is the ideal context for those who love and search for the most peculiar expressions of the South American countries. Argentina is a nation rich in traditions, from the table to the art. A romantic background accompanies a typical Argentinian dinner, on the notes of the songs belonging to the dance which is recognized as the most sensual and romantic on earth. 

The tango, other than being the symbol of the popular Argentinian culture and true artistic expression, distinguish for its music, nostalgic and charming, intense and powerful, and its lyrics, romantic and melancholic.
The tango was born in the Rio de la Plata and takes shape by the mix of more folkloristic dances, some of them of African origin, other with local roots, developing in a loose context of prostitution.
At a later time, this form of popular dance, evolved from it humble origins and spread among the city of Buenos Aires in particular, where it comes to be very famous among the last part of the XIX century and the first part of the XX century.
The tango was born how artistic and popular expression, distinguishing for its peculiarity since the very first moment: it is a mix of music, dance, singing and poetic contents.

Today, the tango is representative of the Argentinian culture worldwide and in particular of the Buenos Aires culture. During the execution of the music that accompanies this dance, the percussion instruments are not used, but, in place, is used the characteristic bandoneon and other instruments, such as the piano, the violin and the double bass. The characteristics that makes this dance unique is its multifaceted nature: the tango also is poetry, expression of the body and the soul, of a profound feeling originated by a popular culture.

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