El dulce de leche
in Cagliari


El dulce de leche in Cagliari is the typical desserts made with milk and sugar, that, as well as other Argentinian specialties offered by our restaurant, evokes the suggestions of a tradition that owes a lot to its “popular dishes”.

The dulce de leche (milk dessert) is one of them: it is a very popular dessert in South America, a milk comfiture prepared with a long cooking of milk and sugar, until a creamy paste is obtained. The milk flavor coming from the procedure closely remembers the one of the mou candies. Other gastronomic cultures have got similar foods to the dulce de leche: the French version is the “confiture de lait”, the Mexican one has the “cajeta”, the Peruvian one has the “manjarblanco”.

The origins of this dessert, came to be part of a strong tradition in the Argentinian culture, seems to be linked with Juan Manuel de Rosas, an Argentinian “caudillo” (term used to refer to populist leaders), who lived in the XIX century. Casually, from a drink prepared with milk and sugar (lechada), which was forgotten on the fire, the delicious cream today known as “dulce de leche” was born. The ideal cooking times goes from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, and ruing this preparation it is necessary to constantly mix the cream.

The dulce de leche is an excellent ingredient, used to decorate many kinds of sweets: cookies, cakes, ice creams. It can also be tasted with a spoon, or be spread on fresh or toasted bread slices. 

The traditional desserts prepared with el dulce de leche in Cagliari are available at the restaurant “El SaborArgentino” and they are: panqueques con dulche de leche (pancakes with dulce de leche) and flan con dulce de leche (crème caramel with dulce de leche), traditional Argentinian desserts.