El asado argentino in Cagliari

Tradition meat argentinian dish

El asado argentino in Cagliari is a typical meat dish, cooked following the traditional procedure by the restaurant “El Sabor Argentino” chefs. The asado cooked “a la parrilla” (grill) is extremely popular and a true specialty of the tasty Argentinian cuisine. The peculiarity of this dish lays in its preparation. In fact, the meat, in order to become even more tasty, undertakes a long and slow cooking, which can last even many hours. The word “asado” itself, comes from this particular way of the “gauchos” to cook the meat, a procedure which has been handed down from generation up to nowadays.

The preparation involved that the meat (whether it was beef, pork or calf) was cut along the longest side and passed through big spits with a certain angle (about 20 degrees), so that the fat during the cooking didn’t fall on the fire, but on the meat itself. It is easy to imagine that the preparation of “asado” requires time and care. Every different piece of meat has different cooking times. Who prepares the dish must be equipped with a lot of patience and must know the preparation techniques, other than have an attentive look towards the whole cooking process, by carefully turning the meat pieces and, when it comes to be necessary, moving them to expose them to a major or minor cooking.

To make the “asado” even more tasty, it is possible to top it with the “chimichurri”, a siding obtained by a mix of fresh spices plus oil, vinegar and lemon, which is to be spread after the cooking has ended. The “asado” can also be accompanied by vegetables and sauces.

How it has been said already, the taste is enhanced by the slow and patient cooking, which can last even for many hours. A good reason to consider the “asado” a social ritual it the fact that, while it istraditionally cooking, the guests talks and socialize waiting to taste the dish.

El asado argentino in Cagliari
is a specialty of ours and it can be tasted choosing a “parrilla (grilled meat) di asado de costillar”, to accompany with excellent red wine and a siding of grilled vegetables or roasted potatoes.