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El Sabor Argentino


Steaks restaurant in Cagliari


The steaks restaurant of Cagliari, with its name “El Sabor Argentino” leave you the guess on whatever it is the cuisine offered to the clients, in a restaurant that want to evoke a true “casa de campo” and that offers typical Argentinian dishes, where the meat is the undoubted queen.
A menu which is rich in typical dishes, from the entrees to the drinks, offers the chance to taste authentic Argentinian typical dishes.
For those who love meat, the restaurant located in Via Pola 16/A, is the ideal place where you can find the best meat dishes, the “asado” and the exceptional “Argentinian Angus”, and other traditional specialties: the entrees, the chorizos, and the traditional Empanadas, the desserts and a famous selection of wines, fully interpreting the “caliente” soul of the nation.
The restaurant boasts a management from Argentina, and carefully reproduces the exclusivity of its cultural and food and wine origins. The flavors of “tierramia”, together with nostalgia, music, passion and colors of the country of gauchos: “El Sabor Argentino” was born with the aim of unite two cultures and two countries.

From the far South America the excellent meat, the main course, skillfully cooked by chefs who know all its secrets and peculiarities, is easy to taste and eat in all its genuine flavor, on the tables of a welcoming restaurant which is carefully designed under an aesthetic aspect, with a soft atmosphere and an essential and sober style. The colors go from reddish brown Sienna tones, up to the ones of a brighter red that merges into the furniture’s finishing and the intense red of the Argentinian wine, accompanying the main courses of the restaurant. From the flavors to the atmosphere: the pleasure to transport the guest in the charming country of the South America.


Our typical dishes


In the steaks restaurant in Cagliari you will be able to appreciate the authentic cuisine of Buenos Aires, managed by people from Argentina who know how to offer the excellence in every single dish, thanks to the high quality genuine products and to the cooking procedures of the dishes. “El Sabor Argentino” offers the best Argentinian Meat, an assortment of typical entrée and a wide range of wines, red and whites, of the best wine-making tradition.

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Traditional dishes figure out in the menu proposed by the restaurant: typical entrees, first quality Argentinian grilled meat, salads and sidings. The excellent wine and the most particular desserts complete the assortment of the Argentinian specialties.

Meat specialties


The main course of our cuisine, which is based on meat imported directly from Argentina. In our restaurant, rib steak, sirloin, fillet from the fine Argentinian Angus, heart of scamone, pieces of Argentinian Angus.

Argentine wines


Excellent match with the grilled meat dishes, the red wines from the best Argentinian vines distinguish for their robustness, for an intense aroma, such as the famous Argentinian Malbec, with a purple color.

Steaks restaurant Cagliari El Sabor Argentino


In the steaks restaurant in Cagliari the Argentinian flavor and tradition takes place: the Mate, the Dulce de Leche, the Empanadas, true symbols of the famous cuisine. And, in the popular and artistic tradition, the Tango, a sensual and nostalgic dance, worldwide famous is the most representative expression of the Argentinian culture.